Kairidream Sea Trips General Conditions of Sale

Article 1: Timetables, routes and prices for Outings

The company offers its passengers several tours during the day at different rates.

The schedules and walking circuits are defined by the Kairidream company.

The website as well as the leaflets, panels and advertising posters published by Kairidream and presenting the excursion circuits do not constitute a contractual document. The information is given for information only. Programs may be subject to change.

Indeed, changes to these schedules and circuits may occur during the season depending on the weather, the temperature felt, sunrise and sunset times or even the opening hours of establishments that can accommodate passengers within the framework of excursions offered (port, restaurant, etc.).

Like schedules and circuits, prices may vary at any time depending on the elements or even depending on the economic situation (surcharge, fuel, etc.) or changes in taxes (VAT, port and usage taxes) .

Fares do not vary based on attendance.

The prices of the services are inclusive of all taxes (TTC). They include the eco-tax for visiting national parks & protected sites as well as the various port taxes.

Passengers will know the schedules, circuits and fares, at the time of their reservation or after having contacted the Company for information.

However, the departure and arrival times announced at the time of booking may be advanced or delayed in the event of any difficulty encountered by the captain of the boat.

In addition, the weather conditions may force the captain of the boat to modify the circuit of the excursion initially planned.

In any event, passengers will be kept informed of any changes to timetables, fares or circuits.

Under no circumstances can such a modification justify the payment of any compensation to passengers

Article 2: Reservations

Passengers must book their excursion in advance.

It is best to make the reservation as soon as possible, given the limited number of places on board the boat and the crowds, especially in high season.

The Company accepts reservations by telephone, email, online or directly at the point of sale.

Any reservation without immediate payment can only be validated after payment by credit card or in cash at the Kairidream kiosk in Fort-de-France.

In any case, the customer will be required to pay for his ticket following this reservation under the conditions referred to in Article 4 hereof.

Pregnant women and people with a disability, any physical or health problem are required to report it at the time of booking.

Passengers wishing to bring their pets on the tour are required to notify the company at the time of booking. Nevertheless, in order to guarantee the safety and comfort of passengers, the company reserves the right to refuse certain animals.

Article 3: Cancellation

3.1- Cancellation by the Company

The company reserves the right to cancel an excursion, without notice or compensation, if the minimum quota of passengers is not reached (8 passengers full price), in the event of force majeure, fortuitous event, bad weather conditions, damage, any malfunction, for security reasons or for any other legitimate reason.

Only the captain of the boat is authorized to judge whether or not the weather conditions allow the excursion to be carried out, always with the aim of allowing passengers to enjoy a visit in the best possible conditions.

If the departure of the ship is prevented or delayed by one of these exceptional events, the company declines all responsibility for the costs and direct or indirect damage caused to the passengers.

The company undertakes to notify passengers as soon as it becomes aware of any difficulty modifying or preventing the holding of the excursion.

The company will endeavor to offer an alternative to the passengers and in particular, the postponement of the excursion, according to the availability of the company, without them being able to claim any compensation, reimbursement or indemnity.

In the absence of an alternative solution offered or accepted, passengers may claim reimbursement of all of their tickets from the Company.

Refunds are made using the same method of payment used by the passenger when booking.

3.2- Cancellation by the passenger

The passenger has the possibility to cancel his reservation for any reason and at any time.

However, he can only be refunded or exempted from paying for his ticket if the cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the day of the excursion.

Failing this, the passenger will be required to pay for their ticket in full and the Company will not be required to make any refund.

Article 4: Methods of payment 

The payment of the ticket is made either at the time of booking, or at the latest, when boarding.

The company accepts payment by credit card or cash.

The company no longer accepts payment by check.

Passengers can pay for their ticket at the main ticket office in Fort-de-France during opening hours.

They can also pay for their ticket when boarding, but only in cash.

Tickets are only issued against full payment.

Article 5: Validity and non-transferability of titles

The tickets are valid for the season of the current year.

Article 6: Embarkation and disembarkation

Passengers must present themselves in front of the boarding area 30 minutes before departure, with their ticket.

No delay is accepted by the Company.

In case of delay, even with a ticket, the passenger will have no recourse against the company if he cannot board.

The embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is done in the presence of the captain, who directs his passengers and tells them how to board and disembark.

Only passengers who have reserved their seat and present a valid ticket are eligible to board.

The company reserves the right to refuse to board a passenger or a group of passengers presenting themselves for boarding without a reservation or without a ticket.

In addition, any passenger with a disability, a proven health problem, or physical conditions incompatible with the proposed ride (pregnant woman, passenger with a back or heart problem, etc.) is required to report this to the company at the time of the reservation, as indicated in article 2 hereof.

The captain is not required to board a passenger who has not mentioned his condition under these conditions.

This passenger will still be required to pay for their ticket and no refund can be made.

In addition, if the captain deems that the state of health or the physical conditions of the passenger who has validly reported himself are incompatible with the trip in view of the weather conditions of the day, he is entitled to refuse the boarding of the passenger.

The company is only responsible for its passengers once they have boarded.

Once the passengers have disembarked from the ship, they are no longer under the responsibility of the Kairidream company.

Bicycles, prams, pushchairs even when folded, motorcycle equipment, or other bulky equipment are not allowed on board and cannot be taken on board.

Article 7: Security instructions and liability

The captain is the sole master on board his ship and informs passengers of the safety instructions to be followed.

Passengers are required to remain seated in their seats while navigating.

They will only be able to travel on board the ship with the permission of the captain.

Cigarettes, even electronic ones, are prohibited on board the ship.

Minors are allowed on board if they are accompanied by their parents and remain under their supervision and responsibility.

Passengers undertake in all cases to comply with the regulations established by the Kairidream company on board the boat, as well as to comply with the orders of the Captain.

In the event of an accident linked to passengers not respecting the safety instructions, the Company cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur.

Passengers are required to keep their personal items with them.

The company is not responsible for objects on board, damage to property and personal effects (jewellery, precious metals, personal papers and documents, sound or image reproduction devices, mobile phones and glasses. In the event of theft , loss or deterioration thereof, no compensation, refund or indemnity will be made.

Article 8: Stopovers

The boat is required to offer stopovers to its passengers during excursions.

The Company is not responsible for passengers and their personal effects during these stopovers.

No loan of bathing equipment is planned during these stopovers.

The Company cannot be worried in the event of difficulty encountered by passengers in a business or establishment during the stopover.

The captain gives passengers a schedule for the end of the stopover and the return to the boat.

Passengers must arrive in front of the ship 5 minutes before the departure time given by the captain.

No reimbursement or compensation may be demanded of the passenger who was unable to board due to delay.

Article 9: Swimming

The Kairidream company is not a diving or snorkeling club.

Nevertheless, she offers swimming breaks during her excursions.

Swimming will be done under the responsibility of the passengers.

Minor children who bathe will be under the exclusive responsibility of their parents.

The captain reserves the right to cancel a swim break due to weather conditions.

Passengers undertake in all cases to comply with the regulations established by the Kairidream company on board the boat, as well as to comply with the orders of the Captain.

Article 11: Boat regulations

The Kairidream boat is subject to European regulations relating to passenger transport.

Navigation permit, renewed after annual inspection, attesting to the compliance of the ship with the technical standards relating to the safety of passenger ships (stability, buoyancy, solidity, fire prevention and extinction, lifesaving devices, etc.).

The captain has a 200 captain's certificate

This Certificate also implies the possession of a first aid training certificate, a swimming certificate and a CGO certificate (General Operator Certificate).

Each seafarer is required to undergo an annual physical fitness check-up before a seafarer's doctor.

Special insurance covering all passengers.

Article 12: Reimbursement

Trips are subject to weather and sea conditions. For your safety and comfort, we reserve the right to modify or cancel departures, even at short notice, if weather or other conditions change. In the event of cancellation due to weather, the client receives a full refund or can modify their departure depending on availability.

Cetacean sightings

Our cetacean observation excursions take place in unpredictable natureThe chances of seeing cetaceans reach 98%, but sightings cannot be guaranteed and no refunds will be given if we do not see cetaceans during the trip.

Article 13: Complaints

Any claim against the company Kairidream must be made within 15 days from the date of the excursion, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the headquarters of the company S.A.R.L. Kairidream, rue Aurélie Dicanot 97200 Fort-de-France.